November 1st, 2021: Everywhere

My mind has been everywhere recently. I feel like I have to much on my plate, and I’m constantly thinking about my next task and calculating how much time I have to do it all in a single day. I have school, editing, and most importantly, making time for my faith. I wake up at 6:00 everyday of the week and try to finish school as quick as I can, just so I can have plenty of time to edit without stressing about missing the deadline. That’s literally it, besides taking breaks for meals. The only problem with that schedule is I’m missing something very important. And that’s making time for my faith. I’m a Christian, and part of being a Christian is reading your Bible and praying. I can probably do both those things in like 10 minutes if I wanted, and just read a few verses and pray for 5 minutes. But I always get so caught up in my day I never make time to do that. My mind is constantly going all over the place stressing about my next task. But I did read something someone said one day that helped me a lot. He said, “Don’t worry about what you have coming next and stressing about the future, but focus on one thing at a time and then move on to the next.” -Ricky Ireland. This is definitely something I need to start doing.

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  1. ELIZJAMZ says:

    what in the world tis is like 4 months ago
    btw i might get a sticker


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