Andy L

I created Andy L in the beginning of 2020. I had made a channel before I created Andy L, but I wanted this channel to be different. I taught myself how to edit professionally, and I improved more and more as I continued editing my videos. Although editing videos for Fab and Ben is fun, I do enjoy filming and making my own videos as well. I wasn’t able to post for a short time due to editing for Fabian, but I was able to come back to Andy L in November of 2021. But throughout 2020 and 2021, I made many fun videos on my channel. My favorite video I’ve edited on Andy has to be “Levi Teaches Zach AND ME How To Cook”. My favorite video to film, of course, was the 2021 camp vlog. It does get difficult at times to edit for my own channel, but I still plan to keep going and make as much content for you guys as I can.

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