Video Editing

I know most of you probably know me as the editor for DJ Faboloso. But how did I get there? At a very young age I loved recording and editing videos. I started off filming and editing everything on my phone and posted them to my YouTube. After one year had past of me doing everything from my phone, I decided to take my skills to the next level. I started a new YouTube channel called Andy L, and taught myself how to edit like a professional. Even though I was a small YouTuber, I wanted to make my content like some of the biggest YouTubers out there. As I continued making videos I started getting better and better. Eventually, DJ Faboloso found my channel through a reaction video I had made to his most recent song Vibe. He hit me up on Discord and asked me if I would be willing to edit a video for him. After editing 3 videos for him, he asked if I would be willing to become his video editor. Till this day I still edit for DJ Faboloso and even some of my other friends. And as I edit more and more videos, the more I improve.

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