I’ve always loved listening to music. When I’m on a chill car ride or just taking a walk, you will always see me listening to music. It was around the time when a bunch of YouTuber’s started making music, and some of them actually sounded good. I thought to myself if it was possible for me to make music. I have a lot of family who are really good singers and musicians, so I knew I had a chance. I tried so many times to make a song, but somehow it always came out bad. Eventually 2020 hit, and there were so many songs about the “new normal” and accepting that this is the world now. Personally, I couldn’t accept that. So I thought it would be cool to make a song about it. After I released the song “Forward And Back” I started making more and more music. I released one of my most popular songs “Flight” on June 4th 2021, and still plan on making more music.

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