As a kid I’ve always been interested in film making. I watched a lot of different movies and YouTube videos, and always wondered how they were made. At the age of seven I started making short films with friends just for fun. I never posted them anywhere, but it was just something fun that we all enjoyed doing. A few years later I began watching a lot of YouTubers do vlogs, challenges, and pranks. I decided I wanted to give this a try. At age 13 I started my first YouTube channel and started posting short vlogs with family and friends. I started filming and editing everything from my phone. After one year had past, I wanted to take my content to the next level. So I started Andy L. I taught myself how to edit professionally, and got a brand new camera to film on. Slowly I started attracting more and more people to my videos. I was amazed at the support I was getting even though I was a small YouTuber. As of now I still don’t have a whole lot of subscribers, but I still plan to keep going and share my creativity with everyone.

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